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WADA List of prohibited substances and methods 2020 in force from 1 January

20 December 2019

The WADA 2020 list of prohibited substance and methods (the prohibited list) is to come into force on 1 January 2020. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has published this 2020 List; along with, the 2020 Summary of Major Modifications and Explanatory Notes.

The List, which is one of five International Standards that are mandatory for all Signatories of the World Anti-Doping Code (Code), designates what substances and methods are prohibited both in- and out-of-competition and which substances are banned in particular sports. WADA also has announced the 2020 Monitoring Program.

The prohibited list can be found here.


Vote every day for Finland’s Disc Golf Team in The World Games Athlete of the Year Competition

08 January 2020

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has nominated Finland’s Disc Golf team in the annual World Games Athlete of the Year competition. The award honors an athlete or a team for their outstanding performance in 2019 or for their social commitment or particularly fair behavior.  We direct everyone to the following site and voting for “Flying Disc – Team Finland” at

Team Finland, one of 25 candidates for the award this year, defeated Germany to win the WFDF World Team Disc Golf Championships in Alutaguse, Estoniain August 2019. The eight-person mixed squad did not lose a match at the championships and this victory catapulted Finland to the top of WFDF’s world Disc Golf country rankings at year end 2019.

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WFDF closes out 2019 with impressive turnout for International Spirit of the Game Day

07 January 2020

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) ended the decade by bringing together the Ultimate community for the annual International Spirit of the Game Day celebrations. More than 500 activities from at least 34 countries were held across the world on December 7 in honor of Spirit of the Game, a core and guiding element of the sports of Ultimate and Guts.

Participants were encouraged to share their love of Spirit of the Game on social media by posting about their events or sharing artwork on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Submissions came in the form of videos, articles, drawings, and more. More than 20 international vendors partnered with WFDF to offer merchandise as part of the festivities.

“The players, teams and organizations that supported these international activities —and the 21 vendors who supplied prizes this year —understand there’s so much more to Spirit of the Game than simply sportsmanship,” said Travis F. Smith, outgoing chair of the WFDF SOTG Committee.  “iSOTG Day is our community’s annual opportunity to explore how Spirit of the Game can be better expressed and improved. Each year I’m blown away seeing how many people care so intensely about Spirit and its central role in disc sport.”

More information can be found on the official website of the event:

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WFDF announces results of 2019 Board Elections

07 January 2020

WFDF announced today the results of its 2019 elections, with the WFDF member associations voting on several open positions on the Board of Directors.

Kate Bergeron (USA) was re-elected as Treasurer, Brian Gisel (CAN) re-elected as Ultimate Committee Chair, Lori Daniels (USA) elected as Freestyle Committee Chair,  and Wolfgang Maehr (SGP) elected as SOTG Committee Chair.

For the continental associations, Nicole Bulos (DOM) was elected President for Pan America and Fumio “Moro” Morooka (JPN) re-elected to represent Asia-Oceania.

Shiellah Quintos was elected as chair of the Events Subcommittee of the Ultimate Committee. All of the above will serve a two year term from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2021.

In addition, Liam Grant (IRL) was appointed by the board to serve out the remaining year of the term of the Chair of the Athletes' Commission.

The complete Press Release with results and biographies can be found here.


WFDF appoints Luke Tobiasiewicz as IT Administrator

13 December 2019

The World Flying Disc Federation is pleased to announce that it has appointed Luke Tobiasiewicz as its IT Administrator in a part-time consultancy. Luke Tobiasiewicz, who had been serving as Chair of the WFDF IT Committee and is of British and Polish nationality, is currently also working as an IT Consultant for the Veritas Foundation (London) and for the St Albans Independent College (UK) as the IT Manager. He will also serve as Competition Director at the WFDF 2020 World Ultimate and Guts Championship in Leeuwarden, Netherlands in July 2020.

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